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Wondercraft AI - Effortless podcast creation with AI | Product Hunt
Wondercraft AI - Effortless podcast creation with AI | Product Hunt

Use cases



While blog posts enhance your SEO to pull potential customers into your sales funnel, podcasts truly ignite conversions. Wondercraft breathes life into your blogs, notes, and recordings, transforming them into value-packed podcasts for both existing and new customers.



Over 100 newsletters creators are already using Wondercraft to complement their written content with a podcast. It takes less than 10 minutes per post, and adds a brand new rev channel. Check out Accelerated, The Rundown or The Informationist if you want to get some inspiration.



Podcasts delivering daily news are rapidly gaining traction. The Daily by NYT is a long-standing top 10 podcast, and our very own Hacker News Recap hit the top 30 tech podcasts in a month. If you've got the written content, seize this opportunity with Wondercraft.


Internal Podcasts

Whether you're creating a more pleasant onboarding experience, passing along stories from the founding of the company, or sharing a daily memo across the company, Wondercraft can generate an engaging audio for your organisation.



Podcasts captivate listeners while imparting knowledge. Whether it's language learning or recapping class topics, Wondercraft is your ally in creating engaging educational podcasts. Dive into audio learning today.


Podcast studios

Boost efficiency, and win clients with Wondercraft. Catering to businesses or publishers, we fast-track your project delivery. You've got the expertise, we provide the tool. We recently onboarded our 10th podcast studio. Are you next?

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The first end-to-end podcast builder


AI Voices

Converting text to audio is a breeze with our hyper-realistic AI voices. Want a bespoke feel? Simply clone your own voice.



Publish directly to Spotify, Apple, and beyond, with no extra cost for separate hosting. All streamlined through Wondercaft.


Script generation

Supply your ideas and watch our custom language models effortlessly draft your podcast script, including a captivating intro and outro.


Show Notes

Securing timestamped segments and a complete transcript of your episode is as straightforward as a click, providing a potential boost for your SEO.


Video content

Generate short clips from self contained podcast segments with the click of a button. Produce a branded video of the episode for a YouTube-ready version.



Generated the episode in one language? Effortlessly obtain a copy in other languages of your choice. 28 languages currently available.


"This thing is insane. I just turned existing blogs and recordings into a podcast. Not only that, I got short clips that I can share on my socials. Would have taken me days, to get this quality of output."
- Richard Byrne
CMO of a legal firm
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Who’s using Wondercraft?

  • BUSINESSES: Use Wondercraft as a fast and affordable way to generate podcasts to be used for marketing purposes (e.g. vic.ai, Fringelegal)
  • P‍UBLICATIONS / NEWS OUTLETS: Transform articles into short audio news bites (e.g. Coindesk)
  • NEWSLETTERS: Create audio companions for their written newsletters (e.g. The Informationist)
  • PODCASTING NETWORKS: Increase their output cadence, especially in condensed news format.
  • And a lot more groups: Teachers, Medical Journals, Niche hobbyists to name a few

Who’s not using Wondercraft?


Users creating autogenerated content of two AIs speaking to one another. There is no authenticity in such content, and no one will listen to it. The creativity, the source of the content, should always come from the creator. Wondercraft augments this creativity, by easily giving it voice and distributing it to audio and video platforms.

Do you offer dubbing for existing podcasts?


Yes. We developed a powerful engine that automatically dubs your podcast in 18 other languages. We have specialised in capturing two aspects extremely well:

  • Voice Intonation: No matter how many speakers on the pod, we will capture the voice sound, emotion and intonation of each speaker. So when you speak in another language, it will sound like you.
  • Audio/Video alignment between multiple speakers: When the camera switches to another speaker, so will the audio. No overlapping audio. This is harder than it sounds given that the translation between languages might not be of equal length, and as a result Wondercaft is the only platform that offers this.

For more information and to check out a sample, visit this page.

Do I need another platform to host and distribute my podcast?


No, Wondercraft also acts as a podcast host. Once you’re done with the episode creation, you distribute it directly from within the platform to your podcast players of choice.

Is there API access?


Yes, API access is available to users in the Pro and Enterprise plan. Please find documentation here, and reach out if you want to know more.

Can I really clone my voice?


Yes you can. And the quality is great. Join the Discord to ask specific questions about voice cloning. For Enterprise Plans, we also offer Professional Voice Cloning, find out more here.

Can I really cancel any time?


Yes, you can do this directly in the app.

Any well known podcasts produced using Wondercraft technology?


Yes, check out the Hacker News Recap podcast.

Do you have an affiliate program?


Yes, visit this page.

Do you also create video?


Yes we do. Growing a podcast from zero is nearly impossible. We create two types of videos to help you grow:

  • Full Video: Youtube is the #1 podcast consumption platform for some age groups in the US currently. Having a video to share can make a big difference. We generate a captioned audio soundwave video based on your full podcast that includes the branding and style of choice.
  • Viral Social Media Short Clips: Based on the content of your podcast, we generate for you a series of captioned clips with relevant stock images and videos in the background. The video is ready to go, you choose which ones to download and share to your socials.

Note that video generation is currently is still in the experimental phase.

What languages are currently available?


This is the full list of the 28 languages that are currently available:

  1. Arabic
  2. Bulgarian
  3. Chinese (Mandarin)
  4. Croatian
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. English
  9. Finnish
  10. Filipino
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Greek
  14. Hindi
  15. Indonesian
  16. Italian
  17. Japanese
  18. Korean
  19. Malay
  20. Polish
  21. Portuguese
  22. Romanian
  23. Slovak
  24. Spanish
  25. Swedish
  26. Tamil
  27. Turkish
  28. Ukrainian
Still have questions? Reach out to team@wondercraft.ai