Our story and mission

The idea of Wondercraft sprung from the love for great audio storytelling.

We love listening to great stories. Who doesn’t? In its myriad forms, audio captures the essence of human emotion and experience like no other medium. From the rhythmic cadence of heartbeats that form our earliest memories, we evolve to find solace and connection in the vibrations of sound. In film, audio transcends mere dialogue or background music; it becomes a character itself, shaping narratives and evoking depths of feeling that visuals alone cannot.

Audiobooks and podcasts, with their intimate voices and stories, become personal companions, filling our spaces with thoughts, laughter, and insights. No wonder almost half a trillion people listen to podcasts today and audiobook are exploding in popularity.

Advertising, through cleverly crafted copy, voicing and soundscapes, embeds itself in our minds, influencing and entertaining in equal measure.

Music, in its universal language, speaks directly to our souls, putting sounds to our emotions.

And at the heart of it all is the human voice – a fundamental sound that reminds us of our first contact with life, a soothing, familiar vibration that we instinctively turn to for comfort, understanding, and connection.

Audio, in its purest form, is not just heard; it's felt, resonating within us, echoing our deepest emotions and memories.

Being multilingual ourselves, we also share a deep love and appreciation for languages and human communication. Languages are a celebration of humanity’s diversity and creativity. Each language is a unique tapestry, woven with the threads of culture, history, and human experience. The melodious flow of Italian, the rhythmic cadences of Swahili, the tonal dances of Mandarin, each brings with it a distinct world of expression and understanding. To learn and speak another language is to open a door to a new realm of thought, to see the world through a different lens.

It's not just about the words and grammar; it's about connecting with the soul of a culture, its people, and their stories. Languages carry the wisdom of ages, the humor of communities, the nuances of emotions that are often lost in translation. The sound of a language, its rhythm and music, can evoke feelings of awe and wonder, drawing us closer to distant lands and different ways of life.

But languages are also barriers, hindering human understanding across borders, perhaps in a time where we need to understand each other the most.

We want to make audio production in any language more accessible to storytellers.

We believe audio production needs to be made more accessible to new voices, new ideas and all great storytellers in the world. Right now, audio is hard for anyone to approach. It's often seen as a realm for professionals, with high thresholds like technical skills, sound engineering, and the need for specialized equipment. This makes starting out in audio production daunting and less accessible for beginners. For businesses, audio creation is resource-intensive and time-consuming, making it less scalable compared to other media, like blogging. Podcasts and ads require considerable investment too, often too high even if there is a great return on the other side.

With 80% of the world not speaking English and the incredibly steep costs involved for professional translations, expanding content globally becomes a significant challenge, limiting publishers and creators to really set their ideas free.

We want to change that. With the advent of AI technologies and human-like synthetic voices, for the first time ever, great audio storytelling can be crafted by simply typing. Our new, innovative platform helps content creators craft amazing audio experiences in any language, for podcasts, audiobooks or videos, without the need of an expensive studio, mics and mixing equipment, editing software or sound engineering. With a technology platform that leverages hyper-realistic AI voices, seamless music and video mixing, a versatile AI script writer, and multilingual validation by human language experts, we enable creators to efficiently produce high-quality, professional audio productions at an affordable cost and in any language.

All in the name of making quality storytelling simple and accessible to everyone. All you need is an idea.

Wondercraft was founded in 2023 and out beta platform quickly become a favorite among AI enthusiasts, business owners, bloggers, newsletter writers and marketers because of the ease of use, joyful user flow and polished productions.

With venture backing by Y Combinator and Will Ventures, we are already servicing over 30,000 creators all over the world. Wondercraft have 8 full-time employees and 100+ translation experts in 15 languages all across the world, and have offices in London, New York and Cairo.

Join Our Team

Wondercraft is not just about technology; it's about people. Our team is the cornerstone of our success, and we're always on the lookout for talented, creative, and driven individuals to join us. If you're passionate about shaping the future of content creation, we'd love to meet you.

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