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Transform your written work into high-quality podcast productions, complete with music and a premium selection of AI voices.

Hacker News Recap

A daily news podcast produced using Wondercraft. The podcast was an instant hit, achieving a top 30 spot Spotify Podcast charts in just one month since its launch.

You can create your own daily news podcast by just sharing a list of articles. Check out the News Rundown Template on the app.


Design captivating & memorable audio ads that drive results. Get started with expertly crafted copywriting templates tailored to meet your specific campaign objectives.

Streaming & podcast-ready audio ads, mixed in minutes. Collaborate across teams & go live without delay.


Write, voice and publish your own audiobook with ease with effortless long-form audio productions your own voice.

Amy Suto

Save hundred of hours of work like freelance writer and Wondercrafter Amy Suto.


Break down language barriers & grow your global fanbase with Wondercraft Pro Dubbing, powered by AI, quality-assured by 100+ human language experts to hit the native cultural notes.

Steven Bartlett

Don’t let languages stand in your way of audience growth like Host of the #1 Podcast in Europe and Wondercrafter Steven Bartlett.

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Features that give your ideas a voice

AI Script Assistant

We don’t just voice your ideas. We help you craft them. Generate the copy of an ad, a podcast script, or any other creative directly on the platform.

Clone Your Voice

Authentically Replicate Your Unique Tone and Style

Ready-to-Use Audio Project Templates

Start a podcast, an educational course, a meditation and more, all in a click.

Human-Quality-Controlled Dubbing

There’s traditional localization agencies. There’s AI dubbing tools. And then there’s us - bringing Human level accuracy at an AI speed and cost. Fluent / Native Translators edit and validate each dub before it’s released, so your team doesn’t have to worry about it.

Advanced Video Creation for Novices

Effortlessly produce videos, perfect for social media & beyond.

Collaborative Creation

Facilitate creative team collaboration with integrated tools.

Empowering creators of all types

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Amy Suto
Author & Freelance Writer

Creating the audiobook version of my book Six-Figure Freelance Writer with Wondercraft AI was such an amazing process. Instead of having to spend hours recording myself reading the book in a sound booth and then hiring an audio specialist to edit and mix it, I saved so much money and time by just dropping my book draft into Wondercraft AI and having it read it for me in my voice — and it sounds exactly like my own voice, no one can tell the difference. I highly recommend using Wondercraft AI for your audiobook! Read my full review!

Read my full review!
Jared Schwartz
Executive Producer - Podcasts & Audio Coindesk

Wondercraft has been a great addition to our workflow at CoinDesk Podcasts. We've been able to integrate the technology into our shows for a more efficient process without sacrificing quality. With our growth strategy to build out the CoinDesk Podcast Network, I see Wondercraft as an important partner in leveraging the very best in AI Voice for our needs.

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Rob Llewellyn
CEO | ClientHQ

Wondercraft has revolutionised the time-consuming task of us producing a weekly podcast, making it possible to effortlessly generate two episodes each day. The magic resides in their perfect fusion of advanced technology and process optimisation – along with first class customer support.

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Alexander Bodén
CEO of

Wondercraft has by far the best AI Voices across all tools I’ve tried so far and a super simple interface. It allows to produce high quality course audio at a rapid pace and at a much lower cost than traditional alternatives.

Read my full review!
Jasen Anno
High School Science Teacher

Incorporating Wondercraft into our AI's class weekly podcast production has been transformative. It offers students real-world experience in digital media creation, enhancing their technical skills and creativity. The platform's features allow for efficiency and quick turnaround time to seamlessly integrate diverse content, making each podcast episode not only educational but also highly engaging for our audience. This hands-on approach has been invaluable in preparing our students for future endeavors in media and technology.

Read my full review!
Business Owner

I was blown away by the simplicity of creating and distributing ‘Furniture Industry News’ with Wondercraft. The Wondercraft team has not only developed an exceptional product but also continually enhances it, exceeding my expectations at every turn.

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