Issue 6 - 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft

Dimitris Nikolaou
Mar 8
3 minutes

Welcome to this week’s issue of 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft. Today's highlights: we won Product of the Week, Apple released transcription on Apple Podcasts, Meditations are #trending on Wondercraft, and ending with insights from one of our favourite podcast hosts Lex Fridman. 🤖

1. Wondercraft voted Product of the Day

Wondercraft launched its new Audio Studio on Product Hunt this Monday and, thanks to your support, ranked first among over 100 products. A big thank you to everyone who supported us! If you haven't had the chance to vote yet, it's not too late. We're just a few votes shy of winning Product of the Week, so every vote counts. Go ahead and cast yours!

2. Apple introduces transcripts to Apple Podcasts

Apple has launched transcripts for Apple Podcasts, enhancing accessibility and navigation by allowing users to read full-text episodes, search for specific phrases, and play from any point in the transcript. Initially available in English, French, Spanish, and German on devices running iOS 17.4, transcripts will automatically update for new episodes and gradually for past releases. Creators have the option to upload custom transcripts to ensure quality.

So, what's in it for you?
Wondercraft has launched a transcription service that combines AI with human quality control for higher accuracy. This ensures transcripts for Apple and Spotify are error-free. Click here to get early access.

Podcast transcribed in Apple Podcasts

3. Meditations are #trending 🧘‍♂️

Meditations have become the most popular audio project on Wondercraft, with companies like Strove, Soundwheel, and Neurture utilizing the Audio Studio for custom creations. Ella and Kevin are top voice picks for now, but me mindful that starting Monday, all our voices will offer calm, meditational tones in various accents. Check out British Meditational Anna! 🇬🇧

4. Here's the scoop on what we've been up 🥣

  • Starting this week, you can collaborate with your team in the same workspace, allowing for joint project work, feedback through comments, and consolidated billing. If you're interested in this team functionality for creating audio content, reply to this message. ✋
  • We've developed a transcription service featuring human quality assurance (QA) to address the limitations of AI transcription, which typically has a 5% error rate. This service allows for the transcription of content not produced in Wondercraft, with the option for human edits and QA to ensure accuracy. Click here to get early access. 🎙️

5. Here’s what’s coming next 👀

Here's what's high on our agenda for the next updates:

This coming Monday, we're launching a feature allowing you to add specific emotions and accents to our voices, and eventually, your own. Although we're releasing it Monday, there's more work ahead. Check out a preview and see below tips on how to use.

6 more to go?

6. How to emotion 🥹

As we've mentioned before, you'll soon have the flexibility to adjust the Emotion & Accent for each voice, with options including:

  • Emotions: Neutral, Excited, Sad, Calm, and Instructive
  • Accents: American, Australian, British, and Multilingual

Take a quick peek below. This adds 15 more choices per voice, multiplying your voice options by 15x. We're planning to expand the list of accents and emotions, but if there's something specific you're after right now, don't hesitate to reach out.

7. Closing with a Wonderful quote

There are a lot of hours in a day, plenty to get stuff done if you focus. - Lex Fridman

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Stay creative,

Dimitris & the Wondercraft Team

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