How to Create an Audiobook Using Wondercraft

Alex Hughes-Morgan
May 30
5 minute

Creating an audiobook has traditionally been slow and expensive, requiring a professional studio, a voice actor, and extensive editing. We're here to change that.

On our platform, you can turn your written content into a high-quality audiobooks in minutes, without the need for a studio or a voice actor. Here’s how:

Craft Your Manuscript with AI

Firstly, get started by setting up an account on Wondercraft.

When you first sign in, you'll be greeted with a user-friendly dashboard. Once you've selected 'Audiobook' as your project type, you'll be taken to the script generator page. This is where the magic happens.

Browse Prompts: On the left side of the screen, you can explore different prompts related that help you write, or rewrite, chapters of your manuscript.

Each category provides a specific text prompt with customizable fields.

Replace the bracketed text [ ] with details specific to your audiobook.

Generate Your Script: Once you've tailored the prompt to your needs, click 'Use Prompt' and then the black arrow at the bottom right to generate your section of prose using AI.

Refining Your Audiobook

Now that you have your manuscript, it's time to perfect it:

Select Your Voice: Choose from a range of hyperrealistic AI voices to find the perfect narrator for your audiobook or clone your own voice (or anyone else's with permission).

Use Parrot Mode: This feature allows you to direct the AI to pronounce words exactly how you want, ensuring perfect delivery.

Add Music and Video: Enhance your audiobook by incorporating music and sound-effects.

Adjust the Copy: Modify the script manually or use AI to change the tone and format—make it shorter, longer, more calm, or more tense as needed.

Generate Previews: Click 'Generate Preview' to listen to sections of your audiobook.

Share it With The World

Once you're happy with your audiobook:

Produce Track: Click 'Produce Track' to generate the final audio.

Download: Save your audiobook as an MP3, MP4, or WAV file, ready to publish on your preferred host platform.

Collaborate effortlessly

On Wondercraft, it’s super easy to work as a team.

  • Shared Assets: In team workspaces, everyone has access to the same cloned voices, meaning everyone on your team can access the same narrator for audiobooks.
  • Internal Collaboration: Team members can leave notes on the audiobook manuscript within the workspace, just like Google Docs, highlighting areas that need improvement.
  • External Feedback: After generating your audiobook, share it with anyone via a link, enabling them to provide real-time feedback and accelerate the iteration process.

And that's it! This is all you need to craft studio-quality audiobooks on our platform.

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