How to Direct an AI Voice with Parrot Mode 🦜

Alex Hughes-Morgan
Jun 12
5 minute

Ready to master Parrot Mode on Wondercraft? Let's get you started with some easy steps to direct your AI voice just the way you want.

First things first, get started by setting up an account.

Generate your Audio

  1. Jump into creating a new audio project - let's say you're working on an ad.
  2. Use one of our prompts to quickly create your ad script. Check out our other tips for making audio ads with Wondercraft.
  3. Hit 'Generate Audio' for each text section to hear it read aloud. You can choose from our range of hyperrealistic AI voices or even clone your own for a personal touch.

Using Parrot Mode

Now for the fun part 🦜

Launch Parrot Mode: If something doesn't sound quite right, click the parrot symbol above the text segment to open Parrot Mode.

Record Your Voice: Click the microphone icon and read the text the way you want it to sound. Be expressive and clear. When you're done, click 'Save'. Want another shot? Hit the refresh symbol in the bottom right of the Parrot Mode box.

Review and Refine: After saving, click ‘Regenerate preview’ to listen to the new audio. The AI voice will now follow your intonation. Does it sound better? Awesome! If not, you can use Parrot Mode as many times as you need by hitting the refresh button.


You’ve just nailed using Parrot Mode to direct an AI voice.

Ready to create studio-quality audio in minutes, just by typing? Join the 40,000 people already using Wondercraft. Happy crafting!

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