Introducing “Parrot Mode”: Take Control of Your AI Voices 🎙️

May 29
3 minute

Bird really is the word. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest feature: “Parrot Mode”. Designed to enhance your audio production experience, this new feature makes directing AI voices from our library easier and more precise. Whether you're creating ads, podcasts or audiobooks, “Parrot Mode” helps you make your content the best it can be.

What's new?

Starting today, our "Parrot Mode” feature allows users to direct the AI voices from our extensive library, ensuring your audio sounds just the way you want it. By simply speaking into your computer mic, you can demonstrate the desired tone, pace, and intonation for any line, and our AI will mimic it perfectly. This means no more settling for less-than-ideal deliveries – you have full control over every aspect of your audio production.

A Word from Our Co-Founder 🗣️

Oskar Serrander, co-founder of Wondercraft, shares his excitement about Parrot Mode:

“Parrot Mode is a game-changer for all audio creators, especially for audio advertisers. Brands can now minimize time-consuming feedback loops and achieve their vision without compromising on quality. Whether you want a different intonation, a darker voice, or even a specific accent, Wondercraft makes it happen in seconds.”

Why does it matter?

Despite the explosive growth of podcasting and music streaming, the audio industry remains undervalued due to time and cost barriers. We want to change this by activating more audio storytellers and better serving the millions of advertisers who seek accessible and creative-forward experiences - parrot mode is the next step in us doing that.

Where Can I Find It? 🦜

Get started by setting up an account on Wondercraft. Once you're signed in, you can easily find the "Parrot Mode" feature on the script iteration page of our platform. Just look for the little parrot icon 🦜

Live Demo

Check out the video below for a live demo on how to use Parrot Mode:

Scaling Up for the Future 🚀

This new feature is awesome, but we’re not stopping here. Wondercraft is rapidly expanding its audio resources, with over 200 new voices in more than fifty language accent pairs and hundreds of new music tracks. Our vision is to offer endless creative options to brands and creators, making audio creation as easy and cost-efficient as visual design.

Join Us and Transform Your Audio Experience

Ready to try out the parrot for yourself? Join the 40,000 users who are already using Wondercraft to create stunning audio content in minutes, just by typing.

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