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Amazon Alexa Ads Are Powerful

Alexa audio ads are powerful ads that play on Alexa-enabled devices (eg Echo speakers) whilst Alexa shares product recommendations, Alexa news, or during breaks between content on Amazon Music. Targeting Amazon's 'connected audio' listeners is the right choice; 29% make daily online purchases (compared to 18% of the general population) and they are 32% more likely to stream audio every week. These interactive ads feature voice-activated calls-to-action, such as adding items to carts or requesting more info, making them 1.5 times more likely to significantly improve metrics like awareness, consideration, or purchase intent compared to standard Amazon audio ads.

Creating An Alexa Ad is Challenging

To get started with Alexa ads, contact an Amazon account executive for guidance. Amazon offers assistance with scripting, voicing, and editing your audio ad for a fee. Alternatively, you can collaborate with a creative audio agency for around $1,000, which might give you more creative control. Once your ad is ready, upload it to the Amazon Advertising Console along with an eye-catching banner. You can choose between self-service or managed media buying, but keep in mind that the minimum budget requirement is $50,000.

Effortless Ad Creation with Wondercraft

Wondercraft's Ad Studio brings audio ad production to the web with an easy-to-use interface, just like creating graphics on Canva. Access hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, an AI copy assistant, thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, and a simple timeline editor. Produce your ad from the office, just by typing. All in one affordable solution, enabling you to get your brand on Alexa-enabled devices seamlessly and inexpensively.

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