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Ads on Audio Article is the new best kept secret in advertising

Analytics indicate that audio articles have a 50% higher completion rate compared to traditional reading. However, a notable downside is a significant drop in ad engagement. Listeners tend to browse away or engage in other activities, reducing the time spent on the page. Which is why publishers are starting to introduce ads directly in the audio articles. Given that publishers are just rolling this out for the first time now, it’s the most value for money advertising available. And on top of that audio ads have proven to be the most engaging and influential form of advertising. Studies show that audio ads achieve higher engagement and brand recall compared to other ad formats, making them a powerful tool for marketers.

Creating an Audio Article Ad is a Challenge

Traditionally, there are three ways to produce an audio article ad:

  1. Creative Agency or Audio Production Studio: Work with an agency to develop a script, find a voiceover artist, and edit the ad. This process takes about 2-4 weeks, including multiple iterations to refine the ad copy and voice expressivity. Once ready, you can share the ad with the publisher.
  2. Publishers: There are some publishers that will give you the option to collaborate directly with their network to create the ad. This involves an iterative process similar to working with an agency, after which the ad can be posted.
  3. DIY Approach: Write your own script, use recording software, and learn how to mix in music and sound effects. This option requires the most effort but is the most budget-friendly.

Each method has its challenges, from lengthy timelines to high effort and technical know-how.

How Wondercraft Simplifies the Process

Wondercraft's Ad Studio brings audio ad production to the web with an easy-to-use interface, just like creating graphics on Canva. Access hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, an AI copy assistant, thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, and a simple timeline editor. Produce your ad from the office, just by typing. All in one affordable solution, enabling you to get your brand on an Audio Article seamlessly and inexpensively.

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