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iHeartRadio Ads are Powerful

iHeart Radio, the #1 broadcast radio platform, is an all-in one streaming service, providing listeners with Radio. Music and Podcasts. With more than 167 million registered users, iHeart is the perfect place to promote your brand to a global audience.

Creating Audio Ads Takes Time

iHeartRadio offers a self-service platform to streamline the ad creation process: the iHeartRadio Ad Builder. After setting up your campaign, providing business details, campaign goals, and targeting options, iHeart helps you write a script, employ professional voice talent, and access a library of music and sound effects for high-quality ads. To get started, contact iHeart.Alternatively, you can work with a creative audio agency and bring the finished audio to iHeart. This option follows a similar process and costs around $500-1000.

Effortless Audio Ad Creation with Wondercraft

Wondercraft's Ad Studio brings audio ad production to the web with an easy-to-use interface, just like creating graphics on Canva. Access hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, an AI copy assistant, thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, and a simple timeline editor. Produce your ad from the office, just by typing. All in one affordable solution, enabling you to get your brand on Spotify seamlessly and inexpensively.

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