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Podcast Ads are a Growing Market

Every day, millions tune in to podcasts to laugh, learn, and discover new perspectives—an audience your brand can tap into for growth. Podcast advertising offers a unique level of creativity that radio can’t match, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your ad into the podcast’s storyline through sequential or host-read ads. What’s more, podcast listeners form strong relationships with creators and often see ads as a way to support their favorite hosts; as a result, 46% don’t find the ads intrusive. The results speak for themselves: podcast ads generate twice the engagement of radio ads.

But it’s Challenging to Create a Podcast Ad

Traditionally, there are three main ways to produce a podcast ad:

Creative Agency or Audio Production Studio: You can collaborate with a creative agency or an audio production studio. They will develop a script, find a voiceover artist, and iterate on the ad with you. This process typically takes about 2-4 weeks, costs ~£500-$1000 and involves significant back-and-forth to refine the ad copy and voice expressivity. Once finalized, you can share the ad with the radio station or podcast network.

Podcast Networks: Alternatively, you can work directly with podcast networks to create your ad. For instance, Spotify allows you to submit a script and commit to a minimum marketing budget of $10,000. They will then produce the ad for you. This also involves an iterative process, after which the podcast ad can be published.

DIY Approach: The final option is to create the ad yourself. This requires writing your own script, finding the right recording equipment (such as a high-quality microphone), and learning to mix in music and sound effects using software like Adobe Audition or Audacity. While this option requires the most effort, it is also the most cost-effective.

Wondercraft Makes Creating Podcast Ads Quick, Easy, Fun

Wondercraft's Ad Studio simplifies audio ad production, putting full control in your hands—just like managing graphics on Canva. Our user-friendly and cost-effective web solution lets you create high-quality audio ads quickly and efficiently. It complements existing options like podcast networks and creative agencies, but without the lengthy process or high costs. Discover how Wondercraft can streamline your ad production and seamlessly get your brand promoted in podcasts.

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