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Audio advertising on SoundCloud is a great idea

SoundCloud is made for audiophiles, those who catch audio before it’s even on the mainstream market, so creating audio ads on the platform is a phenomenal way to promote your brand to a highly engaged audience. Brands like Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft have already picked up on the and started advertising on the platform. With precise targeting, be that geo-targeting, age-based targeting, and even targeting based on mood, Soundcloud audio ads are guaranteed to reach the right listeners, in the right place, at the right time.

But creating an audio ad is challenging

Setting up an audio ad on SoundCloud involves several steps. First, create a SoundCloud advertiser account, upload your audio, and define targeting criteria (age, gender, device, location, music genre). The initial step is to contact SoundCloud directly, where an account executive will guide you through the process.

To produce the ad, you have two main options:

  1. Creative Agency: Work with an agency to write the script and record the audio using a voiceover artist. This option costs $500-$1,000 and guarantees a high-quality result, though it may involve lengthy back-and-forths for iterations.
  2. DIY Approach: Write your own script, use recording software, and learn to mix in music and sound effects. This is the most budget-friendly option but requires the highest effort and technical skills.

Wondercraft: The easy way to create an audio ad

Wondercraft's Ad Studio brings audio ad production to the web with an easy-to-use interface, just like creating graphics on Canva. Access hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, an AI copy assistant, thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, and a simple timeline editor. Produce your ad from the office, just by typing. All in one affordable solution, enabling you to get your brand on SoundCloud seamlessly and inexpensively.

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