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Meditation is Powerful

Guided meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety, quiet your mind and generally live a more peaceful life. Various studies have shown that consistent meditation reduces cortisol levels (our stress hormone), inflammation, and the symptoms of conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS and PTSD. Although in-person classes are awesome, research suggests that guided digital meditations can be just as effective. Whether you’re looking to instruct, or create a meditation for yourself, now is the perfect time.

But Producing Audio On Your Own is Tough

Here’s the thing. Recording, mixing, and producing a polished meditation can be challenging, especially if you’ve got multiple meditation audios to produce in a short length of time. AI technology can really help, especially since meditation audios typically involves single-speaker narration, where AI excels, rather than guest interactions and banter.

Create a Guided Meditation Effortlessly with Wondercraft

Wondercraft's Audio Studio simplifies audio production to the level of typing in a Google Doc. Choose your narrator from hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices (or clone your own for a personal touch), use an AI script assistant to craft meditation scripts, and access thousands of royalty-free music tracks to enhance your audio. A user-friendly timeline editor ties it all together. This all-in-one, affordable solution empowers you to maintain consistency across your library of meditations.

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