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A New Kind of Outreach

Gone are the days when you could fire off 1000 outreach emails and call it a day - in a saturated market your brand needs to find innovative content marketing strategies to connect with your audience. With 90% of listening now happening through headphones, branded podcasts offer the perfect solution. They’re cheap to create and and can yield significant returns, so it’s no wonder that so many brands have already jumped on board.

But maintaining consistency is hard

Building a successful branded podcast requires regular and frequent episodes to cultivate a loyal listener base. However, balancing the demands of podcast production with running your business can be daunting. This is where AI technology can help, enabling you to produce studio-quality audio quickly and efficiently, from ideation to post-production.

Create a Branded Podcast Effortlessly with Wondercraft

Wondercraft's Podcast Studio makes podcast production as simple as typing in a Google Doc. Select from hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, utilize an AI script assistant to craft your scripts, and choose from thousands of royalty-free music tracks. A user-friendly timeline editor ties everything together. This comprehensive, affordable solution empowers you to maintain consistency and grow your branded podcast with ease.

Ready to start creating?

Give your business and brand a voice with a branded podcast. With Wondercraft, you can effortlessly script, voice, and fully produce your podcast, allowing you to launch a branded podcast in just minutes.

Create a branded podcast with Wondercraft. Effortlessly produce engaging, studio-quality news podcasts using our advanced AI platform for script and audio creation.