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News podcasts are the fastest-growing podcast category

News podcasts have rapidly emerged as a dominant trend. In 2017, there were just 17 news podcasts available, with The Daily leading the way. Today, 20% of the US population listens to a news podcast at least once a week. As the fastest-growing category in the podcasting world, there's no better time to launch your own news podcast.

But maintaining consistency is hard

The key to growing a successful news podcast lies in consistency, with daily or frequent postings to help listeners develop a habit. However, the daily demands of recording, mixing, and producing can be challenging. Leveraging AI technology is highly effective for this podcast type, especially since it typically involves single-speaker narration, where AI excels, rather than guest interactions and banter.

Create a News Podcast Effortlessly with Wondercraft

Wondercraft's Podcast Studio simplifies podcast production to the level of typing in a Google Doc. Choose your host from hundreds of hyper-realistic AI voices, use an AI script assistant to craft scripts from your sources, and access thousands of royalty-free music tracks. A user-friendly timeline editor ties it all together. This all-in-one, affordable solution empowers you to maintain consistency for your daily news podcast.

Ready to start creating?

Bring the sources, we will take care of the rest. Wondercraft will script, voice and allow you to fully produce your podcast so you can create a daily news podcast in just minutes.

Create news podcasts with Wondercraft. Effortlessly produce engaging, studio-quality news podcasts using our advanced AI platform for script and audio creation.