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Fully serviced professional Dubbing

Get the benefits of human quality translations at the speed and cost of AI. Trusted by the biggest Podcasts and Youtube Channels.

Request a dub for your content

Trusted by the biggest names in Youtube and Podcasts

"Having each dub edited and validated by a native speaker is
what gives me the confidence to publish my dubs.
Wondercraft is the only one doing this."

How it works

Upload your media and choose target language.

AI will translate and dub your content, while preserving emotion and voice.

Human Translators will edit and validate the quality of the dub.

You receive an email that your dub is ready for download.

Edit the dub in our Dubbing Studio

After your AI dub is complete, we give you full access to a Dubbing Studio that enables you to iterate with the output and produce a perfect dub. You also have the option to request for this process to be completed by our in-house translators, so you just receive the perfect dub!

Do what the best are doing

"Wondercraft has given us tools that have enabled us to reach new global audiences in new languages. I believe their product is the future of audio production for creators and publishers so I couldn’t be more excited to be on board."

Steven Bartlett
host of Diary of A CEO
Ali Abdaal
Youtuber, Podcaster

Available in
15 languages

(more coming soon)

Seamlessly translate and dub your podcasts and videos!

With our AI-powered, human-quality controlled platform, grow your fanbase by ensuring your content is not just translated, but culturally resonant in all major languages and local markets. Future-proof your brand, expand into new markets, and break your content free from language barriers.

Request a dub for your content


What languages do you have available?

You can currently dub your content in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian.If you want to dub in a language that is not currently available, please reach out. Chances are that we will be able to introduce the language in ~48 hours.

Why do the biggest Podcasts and Youtube Channels use Wondercraft to dub their content?

Wondercraft employs over 100 translators to enhance and ensure the quality of our dubs. Despite state of the art AI, perfect accuracy is unattainable with technology alone. Absolute accuracy is essential for engaging native audiences. Wondercraft uniquely combines translator expertise with AI to achieve 100% accurate dubs, maintaining AI dub pricing.

Do human translators validate each dub request?

Yes - all users have the ability to click a button and request for their AI dub to be edited and validated by one of our translators. All the big podcasts and channels we work with have this process enabled by default so each dub is validated before released.

What is the price?

The pricing is set at $99 per hour of dubbed content, including translator quality assurance. If you opt out of the translator quality assurance, the cost is reduced to $60 per hour of dubbed content.

Why are translators involved in the process?

State of the art AI translation can't guarantee 100% accuracy. A flawless translation is crucial to keep a native audience engaged. Wondercraft uniquely combines AI with professional translators to achieve 100% accurate dubs, all at AI dub prices.

Do you capture dialects?

Yes, apart from language, you also choose a dialect. For example, Castilian Spanish is quite different to Mexican and a Latin American audience would probably not be as engaged. Same goes for Portuguese and Brazilian dialects and many more. We give you the option to choose which dialect you’re after.

Do you offer lipsync?

Yes, but this service is exclusive to Enterprise customers. Please consider: Our lipsync feature is effective in single speaker videos without obstructions blocking the lips. The cost for creating a lipsynced video is $499 per hour of content. If you're interested, contact us at

Why is Wondercraft the best service to dub your content with?

Traditionally, dubbing was only available through the lengthy process of manual translation and voice over acting. This process is costly and time demanding. With the recent emergence of powerful AI translators and realistic voices, we have seen the emergence of a new kind of dubbing, the AI dubbing.

AI dubbing represented a significant breakthrough, and Wondercraft elevated this innovation even further! Once your AI dubbing is finalized, users are provided with complete access to a Dubbing Studio, allowing them to refine and perfect their dub. Beyond the Dubbing Studio, users have the option to enlist one of Wondercraft's 100+ certified in-house translators for Editing and Validation services. This inclusion of human Quality Control sets Wondercraft apart as the premier choice for dubbing your content and the reason the biggest Podcasts and Youtube channels have been using the service.

Do you also offer transcription services?

Yes, we offer transcription services in a manner similar to our dubbing services. Users first receive the AI-generated output and then gain access to an additional tool that allows them to fine-tune the transcription to perfection. The standout advantage of Wondercraft is the option for users to engage one of our 100+ certified in-house translators for Editing and Validation services, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and quality.