Creativity in the age of AI with Dimitris Nikolaou

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June 3, 2024

Oskar Serrander

Dimitris Nikolaou completed a masters in computer science from Imperial College London. After his studies, he joined Palantir to work on machine learning projects and has since gone on to co-found the audio startup Wondercraft.AI []. In this episode, Oskar Serrander and Dimitris Nikolaou sit down to discuss their favourite technology, how they fight distraction to stay productive, and what defines human creativity from the power of AI.Wondercraft [] - AI audio editor to easily create podcasts, ads, audiobooks, and more by simply typing.

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Each week, our host Oskar Serrander talks with artists, creators, and entrepreneurs from various fields, uncovering how they form new ideas that contribute to human progress. In an era where AI is rapidly influencing every aspect of society, Makes You Wonder examines the relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence, exploring the goods, the bads and everything in-between.

With over 20 years of experience in the audio industry, Oskar's journey from student radio to platforms like Spotify, iHeart, and Acast has been fueled by a deep passion for creative content. Despite his success, he has always yearned to recapture the creative spark that first drew him to audio. In other words, this podcast has been a long time coming.

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