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Creating a podcast script has not been simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. Using our comprehensive list of available prompts, users can generate a podcast episode script in seconds. And that's only where the fun begins... Leveraging Wondercraft's AI voices, you can turn your script into a podcast effortlessly, without any equipment required.

How to create a script, by typing

Step 1

Generate Podcast Script
podcast script assistant
Generate your script with AI: Input your topic for custom scripts or ignite creativity with our prompt library.

Step 2

Choose an AI Voice
ai voice library
Choose an AI host from our library of ultra-realistic voices or securely clone your own to personalize your script.

Step 3

Mix Music & Sound Effects
music library for podcasts
Access ultra-realistic AI voices or securely clone your own to match your script’s style and add a personal touch.

Step 4

Collaborate and share
team collaboration
Finalize your script collaboratively: Share assets, download your creation, or host it with us to reach global platforms.

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