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Transform your written work into captivating audiobooks in our online audio studio—no tedious and expensive recording equipment required.

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Create an Audiobook from an EPUB in One Click with Wondercraft

Quickly import your EPUB, select from our library of ultra-realistic voices, or clone your own for a personal touch. Wondercraft makes it simple to expand your book's reach by converting it into an engaging audiobook with just one click.

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Expressive and Natural Storytelling with Wondercraft

Utilize Wondercraft’s extensive features to control the expressiveness of your audio content. Select from a variety of emotions, including excitement, calmness, and narrative tones, to perfectly match the mood of your story. Craft your audio with the precise feel and impact you envision.

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Create Audiobooks Easily with Wondercraft's AI Audio Studio - Simple, Fast, and Collaborative. Refine your copy, choose from 200+ AI voices, and add sound effects all on one platform.

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