Everyone wants to advertise on your radio network—make it effortless for them.

What if advertisers could use a self-checkout to produce their radio ads in minutes? Or if producing sample radio ads was so simple that every outreach included a personalized brand ad? Wondercraft makes this possible, boosting your ad offerings and streamlining the process for both you and your advertisers.

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What if Every Advertiser Could Self Check-Out?

Wondercraft makes creating radio ads as effortless as writing a Google Doc. Our online editor features hyper-realistic AI voices, an AI copy assistant for creativity, a vast library of royalty-free music and sound effects, and an intuitive timeline editor. Brands can easily produce their own radio ads and, with our direct integration, smoothly transition to submitting their ad in just minutes.

Account Executives Pitching Adertisers with Personalized Ads?

What if your Account Executives could pitch brands with personalized radio ads? Consider the increase in sales outreach conversion if potential advertisers received a studio-quality ad right from the start. Wondercraft makes audio ad production simple and affordable, enabling any AE to produce a sample radio ad in minutes.

What does an Audio Ad Produced on Wondercraft sound like?

The following Chipotle ad was produced using the Wondercraft Audio Studio.

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