Create Podcasts and Audiobooks from your Lesson Plans

Enhance student learning by transforming your lesson plans into accessible audio formats. Wondercraft uses AI to simplify podcast and audiobook production, making it easier than ever to provide audio companions that help students better absorb class information.

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Podcasts for learning

Research indicates that audio content is a highly effective way to learn. With Wondercraft you can become the star of your own classroom, transforming your existing teaching materials into engaging audio in less than 10 minutes. Choose to use your own voice for a personal touch or select from our range of ultra-realistic AI voices. Enhance your educational impact effortlessly with Wondercraft.

Audiobooks for learning

Transform your written content into audiobooks to offer students additional access to your educational materials. Enhance the resources your organization provides and potentially open up new revenue streams. With Wondercraft’s quick and collaborative platform, effortlessly convert existing books or even simple notes into comprehensive audiobooks in just a few minutes.

What does an Audio Ad Produced on Wondercraft sound like?

The following Chipotle ad was produced using the Wondercraft Audio Studio.

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