Say Hello to More Control and Smoother Navigation 👋

Alex Hughes-Morgan
Jun 10
5 Minute

We have some news. We’ve listened to your feedback and made two major changes to make your experience on our platform even better.

1. Customizable Prompts for More Flexibility 📝

This is the big one: we're giving you way more freedom in your creative process. No more relying on fixed, inflexible script templates. Now, you can browse through our full range of prompts and personalize them to fit your style. Check out our support for more info.

(New here and feeling this is too advanced? No worries! Check out how to get started first.)

Each prompt includes a text template to guide you. Just replace the text in brackets [ ] with your specific ad details.

Learn more about creating audio ads, audiobooks, and podcasts on Wondercraft.

2. Track-Focused Navigation 🛣️

We've revamped our navigation to make things faster and easier. Instead of the old, project-focused system, it's now all about tracks. Your most recent tracks are displayed right on the home screen, so you can jump to the edit page without any extra steps.

And to make things even smoother, we’ve added AI to automatically name your tracks. No more scrolling through a sea of “Untitled” – now you can quickly find and jump into the track you need. Explore our support centre for more info.

Live Demo

Want to see these changes in action? Check out our demo.

Just Getting Started 🚀

This is only the beginning. We're always looking for ways to make your experience better and add more cool tools to our platform.

And guess what? We’ve got another exciting feature dropping next week. Check our blog for the latest updates!

Ready to explore? Join the 40,000 users already using Wondercraft to create studio-quality audio content quickly and easily. Happy crafting!

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