Issue 1 - 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft

Dimitris Nikolaou
Feb 2
3 minutes

Welcome to the inaugural issue of 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft. Every Friday, we’ll provide you with 7 key updates to keep you informed about the latest developments in the Audio Content space, as well as news from your favorite Audio Studio, Wondercraft.

Today, we're discussing YouTube's new native support for RSS, the launch of Audiobooks on Spotify, Wondercraft's recent funding achievement, and we'll conclude with a quote from one of our favorite creators, Casey Neistat.

1. Wonder of the week

This week has been wondrous for us. On Monday, we launched Audio Studio and announced our seed funding round. We’re grateful for the overwhelmingly positive reception, and it has fuelled our excitement to continue developing innovative ways for anyone to produce Audio Content.
Here’s some coverage: Business Insider, Sifted, Fortune, Maddyness

Wondercraft Founding team! Germany, Greece, Sweden, Egypt, China and UK represented.

2. Let’s Wander

Here’s what’s new in the world of Audio Content:

YouTube now directly supports RSS feeds, marking a shift from Google Podcasts to a more streamlined process for Creators to share their podcasts on YouTube. This integration allows you to share your audio creations from Wondercraft on YouTube, which will automatically generate a video for your content and distribute it on both YouTube and YouTube Music. Given YouTube's status as the number one “used most” podcast platform, it's worth considering sharing your podcast there. For instructions, click here.

Audiobook consumption is on the rise. Last year, Spotify added audiobooks to its platform, and the New York Times reported a 29% increase in audiobook listening compared to the previous year. With Wondercraft, transforming your ePub files or notes into an audiobook and sharing them on Spotify and Audible has never been easier, offering a straightforward way to generate additional income. For instructions, click here.

3. Craft of the week

Every week, we’ll highlight a piece of content created on Wondercraft.

Today, we highlight one of the most successful podcasts created on the platform, Hacker News Recap. In just one month since it’s launch, Hacker News Recap reached the top 30 rank on Spotify Podcast charts. The podcast is a quick daily rundown of the top 10 posts on Hacker News. You can create your own daily news rundown podcast, just by sharing a list of articles by using the Daily News Rundown template on the Audio Studio. Ping us with the result, we’ll do our best to promote you.

4. Rewind

The Audio Studio is all set for you to dive in, but we're not done making it even better for your creative flow. Here's the scoop on what we've been up to this week:

  • We've added a bunch of new templates to play with, like turning a company blog into a podcast or crafting a guided meditation. If you're wondering, templates are your shortcut to crafting the script for your audio projects, helping you skip straight to the fun, creative stuff.
  • We welcomed ten new translators to our team, to meet the growing demand for high-quality dubbing services, especially of those requiring human quality assurance.
  • The resolution of various bugs, that you folks pointed out (huge thanks for that!).

5. Sneak Peak

Here's what's high on our agenda for the next updates:

  • We know how crucial video can be for sharing your audio content. Right now, our video creation feature is pretty basic. Although becoming a full-fledged video editor isn't our goal, we're keen on giving you the ability to craft a video version of your content that you'd be excited to share on social media. Stay tuned for significant improvements.
  • Voice cloning is a standout feature that adds a personal touch to your content. However, some of you have mentioned that the voice clone doesn't always sound exactly like you. We're working on providing tools to fine-tune your voice clone, ensuring it matches your expectations perfectly.

6. Crafting Tip

How about a whole video walk through of the new platform, rather than just a tip?

7. Wonderful Creator Inspiration

Closing with a wonderful quote, from one of our favorite Creators

It’s the execution that matters, never the idea. - Casey Neistat

If you're reading this, you might not see yourself as a Creator yet. Wondercraft is all about making it easier for anyone to produce Audio Content, ensuring every story worth telling gets a chance to be heard. Why not take a look at the new Audio Studio and share your own story today?

Stay creative,

Dimitris & the Wondercraft Team

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