Issue 3 - 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft

Dimitris Nikolaou
Feb 16
3 minutes

Welcome to this week’s issue of 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft. Every Friday, we’ll provide you with 7 key updates to keep you informed about the latest developments in the Audio Content space, as well as news from your favorite Audio Studio, Wondercraft.

Today, we're exploring Spotify’s shifting strategy, a Valentine’s Day gift maker, Audiobooks produced on Wondercraft, and wrapping up with wisdom from well-known podcaster and Wondercrafter Lewis Howes.

1. Wonder of the week

Feeling the Valentine's Day love? 💖 We launched a special Audio Studio template for creating personalized Valentine's Day poems, and what a hit it’s been! We loved seeing your partners' thrilled (and often emotional!) reactions. Explore examples crafted for Taylor & Travis, or our all-time favorite duo, Ross and Rachel. V-Day may have come and gone, but it’s never too late for a heartfelt gift. Check out the template in the Audio Studio.

2. Let’s Wander

Here’s what’s new in the world of Audio Content:

Spotify is shifting from its exclusive content strategy by not renewing deals with big names like the #1 podcast JRE and Alex Cooper.

What does this mean for you? It highlights the enduring value of RSS and its open nature. Despite attempts to redefine podcasts and move away from RSS, there's a consistent return to its use. Recall last week's mention of YouTube integrating RSS.

OpenAI unveiled Sora yesterday, its inaugural text-to-video model. We've previously discussed the importance of video in complementing your audio content strategy, and advancements like Sora make achieving this synergy more feasible.

What does this mean for you? Imagine the possibilities: What if you could enhance your Wondercraft projects with captivating video? Picture adding serene hills and gentle waves to your meditation tracks or vibrant scenes of Tokyo to your Japan-themed podcast episodes.

3. Craft of the week

Every week, we’ll highlight a piece of content created on Wondercraft.

Amy Suto, an American freelance writer, achieved great success with her audiobook entirely created on Wondercraft. She cloned her voice, produced six hours of content, and published on Audible and other platforms. Check out her review of the process here. Congratulations, Amy! And to all the other writers out there, what's stopping you? In just a weekend's work, you could unlock a new stream of lifetime revenue.

4. Rewind

Here's the scoop on what we've been up to this week:

  • Setting a default intro and outro for your projects is now possible. Whether it's for your podcasts, meditations, or any other creations, you can specify an intro and outro once, and it will automatically be applied to each episode of that project. To set this up, simply visit your Project's home page and explore the Settings tab.
  • We've boosted the audio production speed for long content by 10x. Previously, producing a 40-minute podcast or a 1-hour book chapter could take up to 45 minutes. Now, even with lengthy content, production is completed in less than 5 minutes.
  • We've added a progress bar for track production. Even though we've significantly reduced production times by a factor of 10, we aim to provide you with complete control. Now, you can see exactly how far along your production is, eliminating the guesswork of a spinning wheel. And a handy tip: you don't need to stay on the page for the audio to finish producing.

5. Sneak Peak

Here's what's high on our agenda for the next updates:

Big MASSIVE news! We've mastered adding any emotion to any voice. Imagine transforming Anna into her romantic self, giving her a British accent, a meditational tone, or even making her sound tough! Skeptical? Have a listen to these examples. We're finalizing this feature and will launch it shortly. How would you use this capability? What emotions would you want to use? Your feedback is invaluable—please reply to this email with your thoughts.

6. Crafting Tip

Did you know you can adjust the length and tone of a segment if the initial result doesn't meet your expectations? Simply click on "AskAI" above any segment to select your preferred variation.

7. Wonderful Creator Inspiration

Closing with a wonderful quote, from one of our favourite Creators

We only have one rule. You can’t stop. You can go as slow as you need to go, but you cannot stop. You can never drop out. - Lewis Howes

If you're reading this, you might not see yourself as a Creator yet. Wondercraft is all about making it easier for anyone to produce Audio Content, ensuring every story worth telling gets a chance to be heard. Why not take a look at the new Audio Studio and share your own story today? Visit the new Audio Studio!

Stay creative,

Dimitris & the Wondercraft Team

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