7 Weeks of Wonders - Chapter 1

Dimitris Nikolaou
Jun 3
5 Minutes

Hi Wondercrafters,

We know. We promised to send out the newsletter every week, and it’s been six weeks since you last heard from us. That’s not okay, but we promise we have a good reason (doesn’t everyone?).

Since our launch four months ago, we've seen a flood of new creators producing content on our platform. We appreciate and love each and every one of you for being ahead of the curve and creating content the simple, fun way—by typing. With more users and loads of feedback, we've pinpointed areas for improvement. Which brings me back to our good reason. Over the past two months, we've been working tirelessly to bring you an even better version of Wondercraft. Our goal is for you to confidently voice your creative ideas without hours in a studio.

But we’re not just going to hand it to you all at once—that would be too cadeaux à outrance of us. Instead, over the next seven weeks, we’ll be bringing you gifts in what we’re calling the 7 Weeks of Wonders. By the end of this period, the audio content landscape will be transformed - forever. Bold claim, we know, but it’s true.

7 Weeks of Wonders!

So, when do we start? How about now? That’s right—we couldn’t just hype you up and then disappear without delivering the first gift.

We're excited to introduce the first of the 7 Wonders: Parrot Mode.

Some of you may have already heard about this feature already, but it’s so good it’s worth repeating… like a parrot ey?

Parrot Mode allows users to direct the AI voices from our extensive library, ensuring your audio sounds just the way you want it. By simply speaking into your computer mic, you can demonstrate the desired tone, pace, and intonation for any line, and our AI will mimic it perfectly. This means no more settling for less-than-ideal deliveries – you have full control over every aspect of your audio production.

Want more details? Check this out. Oops, sorry not that one. Here you go.

And here’s a short video to get you going.

Try out Parrot Mode.

So the 7 Weekly Wonders are back. In the form of 7 Weeks of Wonder this time. And hold on to your seat, cause we’re about to go for a ride.

Excited? Us too. Can you guess what we will be announcing next week?

See you next week. Until then, stay creative.

Dimitris & the Wondercraft Team

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