7 Weeks of Wonders - Chapter 2

Dimitris Nikolaou
Jun 10
5 minute

We’re back with the second week of 7 Weeks of Wonders, and the release this week is a huge one 💝.

In fact, we couldn’t hold back, so it’s not just one major improvement but two. So here we go:

1. New Way to Generate Scripts

Instead of choosing a template and filling out a form to get your copy or script, we’re giving you full and unrestricted edit access to our prompts. Now, you can see exactly the prompt that generates the podcast script or ad copy, and customize it to make it truly your own. You can even save your customized prompts to ensure consistency in all your creations. As always, we want the creativity to come from you, and this new feature—something many of you requested—can be incredibly powerful.

To find out more, check it out now on the app (it’s live!), or watch this short video demonstration on how to generate a script.

The new way to generate script

2. New Navigation Flow

Up until now, the app was project-focused, meaning you first had to create and navigate through a project before getting to your creation—the track. We’ve flipped this on its head, providing you with fast access to tracks in just one click. The app is now fully track-focused, allowing you to create as many tracks as you want and organize them into folders (projects) whenever you like. We believe this will lead to a much smoother flow and greater enjoyment on the platform. A cool new feature: we now use AI to autoname all your creations, so you don’t have to scratch your head coming up with names for quick projects.

Test it out on the app now.

7 Weeks of Wonders!

So there you have it—another week, another release we’re really proud of, bringing us closer to providing an incredible experience for audio content creation by Week 7 on July 15th.

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