7 Weeks of Wonders - Chapter 5 🎙️

Dimitris Nikolaou
Jul 1
5 minute

Happy July and welcome to Q3! 😉

We're excited to bring you Chapter 5 of 7 Weeks of Wonders with some fantastic new features. Let’s jump in!

1. Change Tone and Accent of Any Voice

Ever wished a voice could sound more excited? Now it can. Starting today, you can set the exact tone and emotion for any voice—excited, sad, calm, and more. Your favorite voice, any expression.

Plus, you can now change the accent of any voice. Found the perfect voice for your brand but need to reach a different audience? Just switch its accent with a click.

Curious how it works? Watch the video below to see it in action!

(Note this feature comes out of beta today - it was originally released 2 months ago.)

2. More Options for Voice Cloning

We now offer three ways to clone your voice:

  1. Upload a short clip (the original option).
  2. [NEW] Record your voice on the spot with an optimized script.
  3. [NEW] Share your ElevenLabs PVC for access on Wondercraft.
    Personalized content is often the key to success

To find out more, check them out now on the app (it’s live!)

Another week, another boost to your audio production game! With July here, we’re getting closer to the big release on July 15th. We can't wait! Until then, see you next week!

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