7 Weeks of Wonders - Chapter 6

Dimitris Nikolaou
Jul 8
5 minute

Welcome to Chapter 6 of the 7 Weeks of Wonders! Thanks for sticking with us. The next couple of weeks will bring everything together. So, what’s new this week?

Royalty-Free Sound Effects!

No perfect ad or podcast is complete without sound effects. Think “dog barking,” “milk frothing,” or “computer powering off.” Want to hear some in action? Check this out. Now, on your Wondercraft Edit page, you'll find nearly 1,000 royalty-free sound effects ready to use.

And that’s not all! In addition to the SFX library, Pro plan users can now generate custom SFX using AI. Just prompt (e.g. “loud dogs barking”) and you'll get your sound effect instantly.

Note: Access to SFX is in beta this week. Need access now? Reach out! It’ll be available to all users this Monday.

We’re only one week away from our big release next week. And we can't wait!

Stay creative!

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