Issue 2 - 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft

Dimitris Nikolaou
Feb 9
3 minutes

Welcome to the second issue of 7 Weekly Wonders by Wondercraft. Every Friday, we’ll provide you with 7 key updates to keep you informed about the latest developments in the Audio Content space, as well as news from your favorite Audio Studio, Wondercraft.

Today, we're exploring the shared AI vision of YouTube's CEO and Wondercraft, Apple Podcasts' new transcript feature, our co-founders' podcast tour, and wrapping up with wisdom from beloved creator Ali Abdaal.

1. Wonder of the week

Since our launch, Wondercraft co-founder Oskar has been out meeting folks and giving interviews. Our top pick? His chat on Podnews Weekly with podcast legends James Cridland and Sam Sethi. Give it a listen to see what we’re thinking about the future of Wondercraft.

2. Let’s Wander

Here’s what’s new in the world of Audio Content:

"AI will empower human creativity... We aim to help everyone create." states Neal Mohan, YouTube's CEO, in a letter published two days ago, sharing his insights on AI's role in YouTube. It's a widely shared belief among those who deeply consider the potential of AI—that it's a tool to unlock human creativity, not replace it.

What does this mean for you? Wondercraft Audio Studio is built under the same principle and it seems that your content will find a happy home at Youtube.

Podcast Transcripts are now available on Apple Podcasts. It’s pretty cool actually; while the podcast is playing, the screens rolls through the transcript, making it easier to follow. Users can also search and tap the text to resume play at that point.

What does this mean for you? Leveraging Wondercraft Audio Studio has already given you a competitive edge by streamlining your content creation. With this new feature, your advantage doubles as your transcripts inherently lives in the Audio Studio, eliminating the hassle of seeking out transcription services.

Need to transcribe your podcast or unsure how to upload your Wondercraft transcript to Apple Podcasts? Use this link as a panic button.

3. Craft of the week

Every week, we’ll highlight a piece of content created on Wondercraft.

Bravecasting, an Australian podcast network, recently introduced Real News, a daily news podcast designed for Australians. They produce the podcast using Wondercraft Audio Studio's News Rundown template. The hosts, known for creating two other highly popular podcasts, deliver the News Rundown to their audience using cloned versions of their voices. The script is automatically generated on the platform from the content info, streamlining the entire production process to just about 10 minutes. Experience it for yourself by choosing the News Rundown Template.

Wondercrafts spotted in a Tesla in Sydney :)

4. Rewind

The Audio Studio is all set for you to dive in, but we're not done making it even better for your creative flow. Here's the scoop on what we've been up to this week:

  • We've introduced a new AI Voice model! All voices now feature enhanced emotionality and support for 29 languages. However, there's a slight tradeoff as audio production now takes a bit longer to generate. Please reach out if this impacts your crafting process.
  • Now offering one-click translation into 20 languages. Created a podcast in English? Instantly get it in Spanish and French. Developed an audiobook in German? Access it in Hindi and Korean. Whether it's meditations, ads, or educational content, everything can now be translated with the simple press of a button. Find this feature in the Project>Track page at the top right. Reach out if you need help.
  • We have a new UI for the Video Editor. Admittedly, everything was a bit crammed before - not anymore! Check it out.
  • Translation button at the top right of the episode page

5. Sneak Peak

Here's what's high on our agenda for the next updates:

  • We’re working on making the Audio Studio Collaborative. There’s quite a few teams that are using the platform and you’ve been requesting features such as sharing projects, commenting on each other’s work and more. We’re tracking this and working towards this goal.
  • Setting default segments. We want to keep introducing efficiencies to your work. For creations that use the same segments (e.g. intro, midroll ad etc), you’ll be able to easily import that in a new project.

6. Crafting Tip

Did you know that you can explicitly state how the AI pronounces a word? Sometimes the AI may not recognise how to pronounce a company name or a word. Set and forget your custom pronunciation and it will get applied to all your projects.

Find the Custom Pronunciation panel on the side bar of the Edit page

7. Wonderful Creator Inspiration

Closing with a wonderful quote, from one of our favorite Creators

What’s obvious to you can be amazing to others. - Ali Abdaal

If you're reading this, you might not see yourself as a Creator yet. Wondercraft is all about making it easier for anyone to produce Audio Content, ensuring every story worth telling gets a chance to be heard. Why not take a look at the new Audio Studio and share your own story today?

Stay creative,

Dimitris & the Wondercraft Team

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